How To Get A Toned Body

Do you want to look sexy and discover how to get a toned body? Let me tell you something. I was hopelessly looking for some help - as you do right now. And I didn´t want to accept two basic facts how to get a toned body. I was looking for some easier way. But I have to say - No pain no gain. Sooner you admit it better for you!

Those two basic facts are: do some exercise and change your nutrition. But first things first. If your goal is to see your muscles, your goal isn't toning--it's losing body fat. And, whether you're a man or woman, wanting to bulk up or slim down, you'll do the same kinds of exercises and training methods. The difference lies in the weights, reps and sets you'll do, as well as how many calories you take in (more if you're building muscle, less if you're trying to lose fat).

Now... back to the point. To attain a nicely toned body, you have to get your body fat percentage down to a certain level. The right body fat is around 10% for men and about 15% for women. Concerning exercising, there are 2 things you need to do:

If you want to get a toned body mix strenght training with cardio exercise. Strength training is not merely for weight lifters and anyone who tries to gain muscle. A study from the prestigious Journal of Applied Physiology signifies that strength training enhances metabolism by 10% after workout and increases fat burning by 100%.

How about cardio? Doing long and monotonous steady paced cardio exercise on your machines will only waste your time and won’t get you anywhere. The correct way to do it is applying interval training in your cardiovascular exercise. For instance: if you run, keep alternating between standard jog and sprint; this way, you’ll get far better result within lesser time. By keep alternating your exercise from low intensity to high intensity, you’ll ensure that your metabolic rate remains high. This can guarantee quick fat loss; something that you won’t get in a standard cardio.

In this video you´ll see useful advices how to get a toned body: